Brush College School Pictures

Murrayville, Morgan County, IL
Submitted by Julie Claussen

The only persons I can identify in the two photo's below, is my Grandmother, Edith Kehl, later Edwards, who made an ink mark next to herself on the photos, and the teachers. However, I believe that many of the students, if not most, were listed on the Souvenir card of Brush College School, 1908-11 (Click here for Listing). I believe it is the same school, just a different school year from when the photos were taken.

The first photo, guessing by my Grandmother's age, was probably taken in 1903 to 1907 (probably closer to 1903), and the teacher is T. G. Beadles, top row, last person on right.

The second photo was probably taken about 1907-08, but possibly as late as 1912. Nellie Delaney is the teacher, standing at the far right, top row, apron.


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